About Me

DCIM151GOPRONick Maier

Born and raised in Sydney,  on Australia’s northern beaches; the ocean has always been a part of Nicks life, and always will.  Growing up on Whale beach the waves came continuously calling to nick.  At the young age of eight nick started to body board. Like anyone growing up near the ocean, body boarding and beach days soon became of regular routine.  After years of traveling and exploring several different countries and oceans, Nick finally made it to Hawaii. Here a hobby was found that grew into a passion that still remains. Photography.

One sunny afternoon, nick was kindly lent a GoPro where he then started getting thrown around in the surf at one of Oahu’s south shore beaches, and he was capturing it! From that point forward Nick was hooked.  Soon after, the purchase of a DSLR camera, several lenses, SPL water housing, and yet another GoPro has been done with more to come.  Nick not only loves surf photography but landscapes and wildlife as well.  Regardless, any time of day, any day of the year, be sure to know Nick always has the creative eye looking, and his camera nearby.