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Nick Maier: Instagasmic Photography

Photo phenom. Ocean lover. Epic dude. @instagasmic and @digital_collab

Here at CMNTY we are always looking for the people the inspire what it means to have a love for the ocean. These people don’t come around often, but when they do you know that they are the ones who are stoked day-in and day-out that there are perfect waves, breathtaking sunsets and clean water for everyone to enjoy. Recently we were lucky enough to meet up with one of the best surf photographers around, Nick Maier. Nick’s passion for photography and love for the ocean is one of the big reasons that he resonated with the CMNTY crew and we are stoked to bring him on as an abassador of the brand. Below is a short Q & A introducing Nick Maier. Shoots!


Where are you from?


Sydney, Australia


What interests you so much about photography?


Every day brings something completely different to shoot, whether it be sunrise/sunset or my local beach break ~ no two waves are the same! I’m all about having fun whilst I shoot!


Where is your favorite spot to shoot? Why?


Keikis-North Shore, Oahu/ Sandy Beach- South Shore, Oahu~ both for their consistent heavy shore break.


Where is your favorite spot to travel to? Why?


I have to say Hawaii, I’m a huge fan of shooting shorebreak and the sunsets they are to die for. Not to mention, the people are so friendly-ALOHA, and who doesn’t love being able to shoot in boardshorts!


What interests you about CMNTY?


I love the ocean theme designs, especially the octopus prints and I’m a believer of supporting local businesses.


What is your all-time favorite shot?  


Jeez there are hundreds of favorites! If I had to choose one, it would be one and I remember it like it was yesterday, I jumped on a boat from Tavarua Island Resort and headed out to Cloudbreak in Fiji, we got to the break me and about 10 Surfers, waves were pumping 8-10ft! It was my first time there so I’m not going to lie; I was a little scared haha! I put my camera in my housing and threw my fins on a swam out! Most amazing experience of my life! Got some keepers and memories that will last a lifetime!


Tell us a little about Digital Collab.


Digi (Digital Collab) started as a way for me and my Hawaiian buddy rob (Instagram @fxckenrob) to share the stoke as we say! Basically featuring up and coming photographers and groms photos. We shout them out and give them positive vibes to keep shooting and give them some followers along the way! It’s just my way of sharing creative pics through the lens of others!


What is your favorite animal? Why?


I love dogs always have, always will! But my favorite animal has to be a honu (Hawaiian for turtle), growing up in the 80’s I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles almost religiously and ever since then I have had a fascination with them!


Perfect walled-out shorebreak, perfect right-hand point break, or perfect left-hand point break.


Pick one. Shorebreak, Hands Down!!!!


What’s the longest you’ve gone without shaving your beard?


Haha that’s hilarious I just shaved it for the first time since September!


What are you plans for 2014?


Travel around the USA shooting as much as possible, whether it be barrels, landscape or snow! Heading to Utah in a few months to snowboard and I haven’t been on the board in 6 years! This will be interesting!


Anything else you want to talk about?


Yeah, just want to let you know my Gear! Whilst shooting waves- I shoot with a Canon 60D, Tokina 10-17mm fisheye and a SPL Waterhousing also a GoPro Hero 3+ Black. Landscapes and Sunsets/Sunrises and Land Seascapes- I uses my Canon 60D- with a few various lenses ~ Tokina 10-17mm, Tamron 10-24mm, Canon 18-55mm, Sigma 150-500 and a Sigma 17-70mm.


Below are some shots of Nick’s that just prove this guys skill, fearlessness and overall epic attitude towards the ocean and people that are around it. Check him out at but more importantly follow this dude on Instagram (@instagasmic) and Facebook (InstagasmicPhotography) and he will not disappoint as he offers up post after post of  epicness (He’ll even respond if you comment nicely).










Lightning in a Bottle








Clean Glass


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